Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by my shop/blog! If you made it to this page, you are probably curious who is behind puppet-master.com.

My name is Luca, just a regular guy from Europe. I have a regular day job and had no particular exposure to ventriloquism until early 2008. Intrigued by some media reports on ventriloquism.


I spontaneously decided to buy my first ventriloquist dummy

And that is pretty much where it all started. Fascinated by the art of ventriloquism, I decided to share my experience on this blog.

I have always found the ventriloquism community to be incredibly open, friendly and ready to share. I can only encourage you to join the community as well, be it on this blog, elsewhere on the internet or even during a meet-up close to your home.

Just get ready to contribute and help spread the word about ventriloquism!