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bozo the clown ventriloquist dummy

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    bozo the clown ventriloquist dummy

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    Bozo the Clown Doll Review

    Bozo the clown doll peaked in popularity in the 1960, quickly becoming a successful child of the United States’ television franchising. However, the character was quite popular even before that – Bozo the clown puppet was originally created by Alan W. Livingston (source) and portrayed by Pinto Colvig for a bunch of projects aimed on children.

    During the 1940, the character was so well-received by the public that Capitol Records employed Bozo as their mascot.

    Pinto Colvig was also the man behind the first television appearance of Bozo the clown doll. Around seven years after, the character rights were purchased by Larry Harmon, and then franchise for Bozo the clown doll has truly exploded.


    bozo the clown dummy

    Local TV stations started producing their own versions one after another, including true gems like Bozo’s Big Top and Bozo’s Circus.

    Bozo the clown puppet was also spotted in the series called Bozo: The World’s Most Famous Clown.

    As Bozo was portrayed by both actors and ventriloquists, if you perform a search for Bozo the clown doll, you’ll come across a very wide range of items.

    There are vintage Bozo ventriloquist dummies, rubber dolls, bendable figures, masks, costume props and various accessories featuring Bozo’s image.

    Be careful and know what you’re buying if you’re after the best Bozo the clown dummy, as there are way too many subpar options on the market.


    bozo the clown ventriloquist doll

    When picking your perfect Bozo the clown doll, please also be aware that those come in a variety of facial shapes and outfits.

    You can’t really go wrong with the main highly recognizable features though – nearly all Bozo the clown ventriloquist dolls feature white face, red mouth and hair, heavy makeup and red nose, and they usually feature blue and/or red clothes.

    If the dummy you’re looking at doesn’t look nearly like it…well, it may be some random clown, but it’s highly unlikely that you’re dealing with an authentic Bozo the clown doll.

    When it comes to facial expressions, it really depends what you’re aiming for.

    If your goal is mainly to entertain the little ones, make sure your Bozo the clown doll has a nice happy smile and doesn’t have a creepy vibe.

    Make sure it’s dressed nicely and not “too vintage” as kids don’t tend to receive such performances well.

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    bozo clown puppet

    Kids-appropriate versions of Bozo the clown doll also make magnificent presents for young ventriloquists out there.

    If you know a young person interested in ventriloquism, definitely consider purchasing Bozo the ventriloquist dummy for them when the next special occasion comes their way.

    If, however, you’re aiming for mature audiences, you have all freedom in the universe when it comes to the appearance of your Bozo the clown doll.

    You can easily pick a sad or angry Bozo the clown dummy and tailor your performance based on its appearance.

    Given that the character is super famous and is generally well received, you may even consider getting yourself a few different looking Bozos and see for yourself how truly versatile they are.

    Hope you enjoyed this review and found your desired Bozo the clown doll for sale. Good Luck!