Where to buy a Ventriloquist dummy – Stores Cheat-Sheet

If you are unsure which puppet is ideal for you, check out this complete guide to buying a ventriloquist doll. The benefit of buying your puppet is that it allows you to practice your craft. It also helps people remember you easily if you are using the same original puppets in your performance. It would be better to have your original puppet than to use a famous ventriloquist puppet to establish your name in this craft.

What types of dummies are available for sale?

There are different types of ventriloquist dolls that you can use during practice or performance. The most popular and widely used ventriloquist dolls and puppets are the professional dummies. These ventriloquist dummies are traditional hard-headed figures that are sometimes used in horror movies. The variety in the type used determines where to buy a ventriloquist dummy. Check out my top 10 best ventriloquist dummies cheat-sheet – click here!

They look scary because they resemble the human more closely than other puppets, yet they still look like wax figures. Other types of puppets used by ventriloquist include dolls made of soft cloth or foam and latex.
These toys also come in different sizes, from one foot to life-sized dummies. However, the typical ventriloquist dummy is 34 to 42 inches in height.

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Get the kind of ventriloquist dummy you want

Remember the time you were four years old and you saw your friends playing the latest collection in action figures. For the ladies it was the Barbie Dolls. Envy the green eyed monster crept up your soul and you ran to mum. You went on and on about how you had been good and you cajoled her into getting you a new one.

You are a grown up now. Why would you be looking for where to buy a ventriloquist dummy? Of course not to play with, rather to as a ventriloquist, it’s your sidekick. A dummy acts a channel you can use to say things you normally couldn’t.

A dummy doesn’t need to be politically correct. Look at it as an alter ego that can say what it wants, entertain people and get paid for it. So don’t you think such a side kick is worth the hustle of looking for? This article talks about why you need a dummy, choosing one and where to buy ventriloquist dummy

Why do you need a sidekick dummy?

Be it amateur or a professional ventriloquist, you will not be able to practice your craft without using a ventriloquist puppet. Some of the most iconic puppets used by ventriloquist include Charlie McCarthy, Effie Klinker, and Mortimer Snerd.

All three were voiced by the talented ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. If you are not familiar with ventriloquism, this is a craft where a ventriloquist, gives life to a puppet using his voice. The ventriloquist speaks with his mouth “closed”, which gives the impression to the audience that the sound is coming from the doll. This can take a lot of practice to master.

It is different from ordinary puppeteers because the public can see the ventriloquist while the average puppeteers are hidden from the audience’s view. The puppeteers can open their mouth when they speak since they are out of sight, something that ventriloquists cannot do if they want to make their puppets believable.

How do you use a dummy during a presentation?

Ventriloquist puppets have an opening where you can insert your hand. This allows you to manipulate the puppet’s head and mouth. You can let the mouth open and close in time to what you are saying, and you can move its head to make some gestures that humans do when communicating such as nodding, shaking the head, and so on.

Puppets used by a ventriloquist are usually manipulated by hand, rather than by strings. Marionettes are manipulated by strings, but ventriloquists rarely use them because they are more complicated than hand puppets.

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