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Ventriloquist Puppets & Ventriloquism Guides for Sale

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Become a new legend of the ventriloquism world with minimal time waste

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Top Selling


Slappy the dummy from Goosebumps

Slappy Ventriloquist doll WithMoldedHair DeluxeDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $499.99

Charlie McCarthy Doll

Deluxe Upgrade Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist DummyDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

Mortimer Snerd Ventriloquist Doll

mortimer snerd dollDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

Groucho Marx Ventriloquist Doll

groucho marx ventriloquist dollDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

Danny O'Day Doll

DANNY O DAY BASIC VENTRILOQUIST DUMMYDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

Lester Ventriloquist Doll

lester ventriloquist dummyDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $600

Howdy Doody Ventriloquist Doll

howdy doody doll basicDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

Bozo the Clown Ventriloquist Doll

bozo the clown ventriloquist dummyDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

Professional Ventriloquist Dolls

Start your professional ventriloquist career with the pro version of vent figures.



Master The Art of Ventriloquism The Fastest Way! Online Ventriloquism Course by a Professional Ventriloquist Tom Crowl

Transform yourself from a newbie with zero ventriloquist skills into a ventriloquist master – fast & easy.

The course is well constructed with 36 step-by-step lessons, that develop your skills precisely. 

It covers lip control, proper breathing, puppet manipulation, script writing, presentation skills and staging.

The Learn Ventriloquism course features: HD video lessons, written instructions, professional tips, homework, practice sessions and a members only forum, where you can get help from real ventriloquists.

Complete Course Price: $97.00 (less than 1 private lesson with a professional ventriloquist)

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