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Slappy the dummy from Goosebumps

Slappy Ventriloquist doll WithMoldedHair DeluxeDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $499.99

Charlie McCarthy Doll

Deluxe Upgrade Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist DummyDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

Mortimer Snerd Ventriloquist Doll

mortimer snerd dollDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

Groucho Marx Ventriloquist Doll

groucho marx ventriloquist dollDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

Danny O'Day Doll

DANNY O DAY BASIC VENTRILOQUIST DUMMYDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

Lester Ventriloquist Doll

lester ventriloquist dummyDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $600

Howdy Doody Ventriloquist Doll

howdy doody doll basicDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

Bozo the Clown Ventriloquist Doll

bozo the clown ventriloquist dummyDoll Price Range: $54.99 – $349.99

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Unique Learn Ventriloquism Online Course by a Professional Ventriloquist Tom Crowl

Transform yourself from a newbie with zero ventriloquist skills into a ventriloquist master – fast & easy.

The course is well constructed with 36 step-by-step lessons, that develop your skills precisely. 

It covers lip control, proper breathing, puppet manipulation, script writing, presentation skills and staging.

The Learn Ventriloquism course features: HD video lessons, written instructions, professional tips, homework, practice sessions and a members only forum, where you can get help from real ventriloquists.

Complete Course Price: $97.00 (less than 1 private lesson with a professional ventriloquist)

learn showmanship skills

#1 Secret to Career Success – Discussions On Showmanship - Highly Recommended

The most-important element for having a successful career as an entertainer is showmanship. The ability to entertain audiences on your demand.

Mastering showmanship will unlock your true potential as an entertainer. Which means bigger paychecks for you.

You will get 15 Video lessons in HD. Containing knowledge from industry leading performers.

Complete Course Price: $197.00

Ventriloquist Script Writing

The most fundamental part of every ventriloquist - the Ventriloquist Script Writing Master Class

Many new ventriloquist’s focus on mastering the techniques to perfection. But they neglect the essential part of every performer. Content.

Terry Fator – Even if you are not that great as a ventriloquist, and your lips move. If you have good material that is funny. People are going to love you. Material I think is the most thing that is lacking among lots of amateur ventriloquists. They just don’t have funny material, they don’t have good material. That is the number 1 thing people should focus on.

The Ventriloquist Script Writting Master Class course is for you, if you want to advance your career. If you want to experience the thrill of an audience laughing at content you craft.

Complete Course Price: $79.00

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