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    howdy doody doll basic

    Grab your Original Howdy Doody Doll for Sale by clicking on the desired howdy doody image. Available in 4 different upgrade levels.

    Quick history:

    Howdy Doody was a staple of American kids’ television from the late 40s to the early 60s. The original show, Howdy Doody Time, ran for thirteen years and laid the groundwork for a lot of kids shows to come.

    While the original show ended in 1960, a new show, creatively called New Howdy Doody Time, ran for a year in the late 1970s. Despite not headlining his own show for over 40 years, Howdy Doody dolls remain popular with people all over.

    The Howdy Doody character was created by Bob Smith. The original Howdy Doody doll was made by a man named Frank Paris (source). It was dubbed “the ugliest looking doll I’ve ever seen” by Smith. It wasn’t helped by the fact Paris had a tendency to steal the doll right before the show was about to air.

    Between the ugliness of the doll and Paris’ behaviour, Smith and the studio decided to make a change. After one of these doll-stealing episodes the studio and Bob Smith hired Velma Dawson to create a new Howdy Doody doll. This is what everyone remembers today as the ‘original’ Howdy Doody doll.


    howdy doody ventriloquist doll

    Basic Howdy Doody Doll Review

    The Howdy Doody doll looks like a cowboy with slicked back hair, checkered shirt, a neckerchief and cowboy boots. He has enormous cheeks, a huge smile, and pale, freckled skin to top it all off. All told, he’s an inoffensive, pleasant-looking cowboy.

    The Basic Upgrade Original Howdy Doody Doll for sale is a stuffed doll with plastic body parts. One nice feature of the Howdy Doody doll is that his clothes are removable. If you’re using him as a decoration rather than a Howdy Doody ventriloquist doll, there’s a good chance he’s going to get dusty. Just take off his clothes and throw them in the wash and he’ll be good as new.


    howdy doody ventriloquist dummy

    The reason we say use him as a decoration is that, to be honest, the basic upgrade Howdy Doody isn’t not much of ventriloquist doll. He has one string to operate his mouth, which has a tendency to be a bit stiff, and you can’t place your hand inside the doll’s back.

    We recommend Basic Upgrade only for kids!  Amateur and professional ventriloquists should choose Standard Upgrade or above!

    For most people, the Original Howdy Doody Doll is better suited as a decoration. He’s great at sitting around the house and making people feel nostalgic. At about a foot in length he doesn’t take up too much room and will fit nicely on a bookshelf.

    Super Deluxe

    howdy doody puppet super deluxe

    So the Basic upgrade is not much good for amateurs, let along semi-pros or pros. Is the Basic Howdy Doody puppet good for any level of ventriloquist? Sure. The doll is rated for ages 3 and up, made of plastic and soft stuffing. He’d be absolutely perfect for a small child who wants to try ventriloquism, and he looks pretty appealing to kids so they’ll love playing with him.

    If you’re after a good quality ventriloquist doll, you need to choose the Howdy Doody doll for sale: the Standard Upgrade or above. If you’re after a piece of 50s Americana to sit around the house, or after something for a young relative, the Basic Howdy Doody doll is just what you need.

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