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best ventriloquist dummies

Top 10 Best Ventriloquist Dummies you can get online today

    Discover my top 10 best ventriloquist dummies you can buy online …


    Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps

    Slappy, or Slappy the Dummy as he is more famously known, is one of the most recognizable and best ventriloquist dummies.

    Created by children’s author R.L. Stine and star of the “Night of Living Dummy’ trilogy, Slappy is an evil ventriloquist doll and has appeared in several books, TV show and movies.

    From the first glance, even adults consider Slappy a little creepy, given his intense scare, arched eyebrows and upturned Rictus grin. It’s been claimed Slappy was the inspiration for the criminal mastermind Joker in the Batman comic series, and it’s easy to see why as there are lots of facial and character similarities.

    In the Goosebumps series, Slappy was a villainous dummy who came to life when the words “”Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano”(apparently meaning “You and I are one now”) and also led the monsters attack against their creator (R.L. Stine – played by Jack Black) in the Goosebumps movie.

    Given his long legacy from children that have grown up with the Goosebumps series, its pretty easy to see why amongst scary ventriloquist dummies, Slappy is one of the best-selling ventriloquist dolls.

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    Bozo the Clown Doll

    Bozo the Clown is famous clown character, first created by Alan W. Livingston in 1949. Bozo the Clown became extremely successful across radio, TV and stage shows across the United States right through until the late 1960s.

    Although each representation of Bozo the Clown was slightly different, they were all instantly identifiable usually because of their bright orange tufts of hair sprouting from his head, and the ventriloquist doll is no different.

    Children and adults alike will instantly recognise this ventriloquist doll, with his distinctive red nose, white-painted face, big oval eyebrows, cheeky face and most of all, his bright orange strands of hair.

    However, it’s not just the facial features that identify Bozo the Clown, as he’s also dressed in his famous blue clown suit and white ruffle collar that make this ventriloquist doll recall all your audience’s growing-up years and reignite those fun memories.

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    Charlie McCarthy Doll

    Although one of the first famous ventriloquist dolls, Charlie McCarthy is still as popular with audiences today as ever.

    Charlie McCarthy was created by Edgar Bergen in the 1930s, who envisaged a somewhat posh character – not least for a ventriloquist dummy. With his elegant top hat, slick tuxedo, white shirt and bow tie, Charlie McCarthy cut a well-groomed figure as one of the first ventriloquist dolls.

    To add to the upper-class effect, Edgar added a monocle for Charlie McCarthy to wear which whilst it created an image of a polite, classy gentleman, often Charlie’s cheeky personality would counteract that first impression.

    Although famous more on radio than TV or stage, Charlie McCarthy would often wisecrack, flirt and say mischievous things, but his charm, style and wit would always get him out of trouble. Once TV became more popular, Edgar and Charlie would also appear in the top shows and movies of the day, especially The Muppet Show, where this smart ventriloquist doll would often overshadow the newer, more modern Muppet puppets.

    This Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist doll is resplendent in his black tuxedo, with a pristine white shirt, and shiny black hair. Of course, no Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist dummy would be complete without his top hat and monocle.

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    Howdy Doody Doll

    Howdy Doody was an iconic puppet ’pal’ for America’s children from the mid 40s for over twenty years, and is still one of the best selling ventriloquist dummies for kids even today.

    Roger Muir first created the Howdy Doody character as voice-only during his announcing days on the radio. However, he soon had the inspired idea to create at TV show, with his talented ventriloquist puppet protege being able to sing, dance and tell stories and entertain children and adults alike. Along with the host Bob Smith, who was often dubbed “Buffalo Bob” to fit in with the show’s western and circus themes, Howdy Doody went on to become one of the most popular TV ventriloquist dummies for kids ever.

    Once the Howdy Doody TV show started getting popular, demand for merchandise grew and Macy’s looked to create the first replica Howdy Doody dolls. As the demand for the dolls increased, great functionality was needed and the idea of replica ventriloquist dummies for kids turned into a roaring success.

    Howdy Doody is perhaps most famous for his freckled face along with his bright red hair, and whilst the original show ventriloquist puppet was operated by 11 strings, today’s Howdy Doody ventriloquist dummies for kids are far simpler to operate.

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    Mortimer Snerd Ventriloquist Dummy

    Mortimer Snerd, even though he became famous on Edgar Bergen’s radio show in the 30s and 40s, is still one of the most popular ventriloquist dolls on the market even today.

    Perhaps he’s still popular because of his delivery and character, as he acted slow and dumb, and often not as sharp or witty as other famous ventriloquist dolls?

    Or maybe it’s because he always seemed to outwit the host, and the ventriloquist in the end, that he will always have a special place in any ventriloquism fan’s mind?

    Either way, Mortimer Snerd will prove to be a perennial favorite amongst ventriloquist dolls.

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    Groucho Marx Doll

    As far as ventriloquist dolls go, Groucho Marx should be a ‘must-have’ for any ventriloquist comedian. Fans and audiences will fondly remember Groucho Marx for his movies with the Marx Brothers, his witty one-liners and his hilarious mannerisms.

    As one of the most instantly recognisable ventriloquist dolls around, Groucho Marx has been faithfully recreated here with his trademark bushy eyebrows, cigar, moustache and cheeky eyes. Even his outfit will please the purists, with his black tuxedo jacket, white shirt, grey trousers, this lovely ventriloquist puppet will have your audiences saying all his famous lines along with both of you.

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    Jeff Dunham’s Achmed puppet – The Dead Terrorist

    If you want to be the best ventriloquist, why not try out one of the most famous ventriloquist dolls around – Achmed the Dead Terrorist?

    A faithful representation of the skeletal body, along with his wide-eyed stare and bandaged head, this amusing ventriloquist puppet is sure to be a hit with your audience.

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    Willie Tyler’s Lester the Dummy

    Wille Tyler’s Lester the Dummy was one of the most famous ventriloquist dolls from the Sixties through to the Eighties, but it’s clear he’s still as popular even today.

    Made famous through shows such as Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, The Merv Griffin Show and The Jeffersons, Lester the Dummy will instantly brighten up your act with his fancy hat, curly hair, silver circular glasses and his beaming grin.

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    Little Jeff ventriloquist dummy

    If you were to ask ten people who the most famous ventriloquist is, what would you bet at least 8 would say Jeff Dunham? With his extensive range of hilarious ventriloquist dummies such as Walter, Peanut and Achmed the Dead Terrorist, it’s easy to see why the Jeff Dunham range of ventriloquist dolls is so popular.

    So what better tribute to this funny, famous ventriloquist, than to create a new ventriloquist doll in his own image? Here we have Little Jeff, a ventriloquist dummy that is meant to be a caricature of Jeff’s features and personality.

    From the realistic-looking hair, to the red-faced cheeks, to the carefully-crafted lookalike face, this ventriloquist dolls really is a cute little fella, as he looks just like a smaller version of Jeff. To add to the mimicry of the famous ventriloquist, Little Jeff is dressed just as Jeff would when he’s performing, in dark shirt and blue jeans. Little Jeff also comes with a matching trunk that he’s often packed in when performing on stage with Jeff, Peanut and the other ventriloquist dummies.

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    I hope you enjoyed my top 10 best ventriloquist dummies list! Check out my other ventriloquism posts here

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