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Professional Ventriloquist Dummies for SALE

    professional ventriloquist dummies


    Why you should invest in professional ventriloquist puppets

    If you really want to make an impression as a ventriloquist, the one thing you should do is considering using professional ventriloquist dummies.

    Professional ventriloquist dummies show you mean business

    Imagine if you went to see a ventriloquist, and then noticed the ventriloquist doll was an old, cheap, basic version – would it make you feel the same about the ventriloquist?

    Perhaps the ventriloquist may not be experienced, or talented, or just not serious about his act?

    As a serious ventriloquist, or even a potential ventriloquist with high ambition, your ventriloquist doll should reflect your act – and by using professional ventriloquist dummies it shows you intend to be the best ventriloquist you can be.

    What is the difference with professional ventriloquist puppets?

    Above anything, professional ventriloquist puppets are individual – no two ventriloquist dolls are exactly alike.

    Whilst they are styled on a similar design, the craftsmanship and processes involved in manufacturing professional ventriloquist dummies often results in minor, subtle differences.

    This helps you build a bond with your ventriloquist doll, and also a unique look because your ventriloquist puppet will be as individual as your act. Perhaps the hair colour is a little different, or his face shape a little different, or eyes may be darker – all of which will enhance the impression that your ventriloquist puppet matches your individual act.

    Professional ventriloquist puppets are often larger than traditional routine ventriloquist puppets, which again will enhance your act as your regular audience will begin to identify your performing partner the more they see your shows.

    Finally, professional ventriloquist dummies also have additional or enhanced features, such as:

    • individual or unique costumes
    • increase in size or taller
    • heavy duty construction
    • genuine craftsmanship features – e.g. hand carved head and hands, rather than machined
    • hand painted faces and bodies
    • deluxe hair/wig and eyebrows
    • felted mouth for quieter operation
    • padded shoulders
    • moving eyebrows
    • side to side self-centering eyes
    • ball and socket head – allows head to turn, tilt and nod

    Are professional ventriloquist dolls expensive?

    Of course, the very term ‘professional’ indicates seriousness, which often translates as ‘higher cost’ to some, but also it translates to ‘higher value’ to others too.

    By investing in professional ventriloquist dummy, which of course cost a little more than a normal ventriloquist doll would do, your ventriloquist act will likewise be perceived as higher value and more professional.

    So the question should not be, “can I afford to use professional ventriloquist dummies?”, but more, “can I afford NOT to use professional ventriloquist dummies?”

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