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Lester Ventriloquist Doll Dummy for SALE | Puppet-Master

    Lester ventriloquist doll is the best buddy of one of the most famous American ventriloquists, Willie Tyler. In fact, the bond between the two is so unbreakable that the comedian, actor and performer is credited as “Willie Tyler & Lester” most of the time.

    Alongside with his beloved Lester doll, Tyler appeared in a myriad of TV commercials, movies and comedy shows. The first big success came to the artist in 1972 on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. Despite being on stage for quite a while, Willie Tyler and his Lester ventriloquist doll are still incredibly popular – for instance, in 2006 the duo appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman’s Ventriloquist Week.

    It will be interesting for beginners out there to find out that Willie Tyler started learning the art of ventriloquism when he was just a ten year-old boy. He spent endless hours watching vents such as Paul Winchell. His very first dummy was nothing like the Lester ventriloquist doll we know and love – in fact, Tyler simply used an old creepy doll that belonged to his sisters.

    His first “professional” doll was not a Lester puppet either. To keep improving his skills, Tyler eventually ordered a Jerry Mahoney figure that he painted brown. The future famous ventriloquist did not stop there – he ordered a correspondence course from an ad in Popular Mechanics and tripled his practicing efforts, and eventually created the famous Lester ventriloquist doll.

    If you are learning the art of ventriloquism, you should be learning from absolute legends such as Willie and Lester. It’s not all about spoken lines – watch the performances and pay attention to the way Tyler interacts with his Lester ventriloquist doll, sometimes without a single word. Punchlines, joke set ups, even looks and pauses – everything matters.

    What others have to say about the lester dummy

    Those who’ve already purchased their Lester ventriloquist dummy note that you can’t go wrong with an investment like that. In fact, many of them note that from the moment their Lester ventriloquist doll arrived, they simply couldn’t put it down! This dummy looks amazing and is very easy to operate, making working with it extremely satisfying.

    Due to its friendly appearance, unlike many other dummies, Lester ventriloquist doll is generally well received by kids.

    Who knows – maybe by playing with the Lester dummy, they will get inspired enough to pursue a career in ventriloquism? Either way, it’s definitely great pass-time.

    Many buyers indicate that playing with Lester is highly addictive – in a good way. Basically, your Lester ventriloquist doll will soon become a part of your family, and this new addition will make all your friends super jealous!

    Some people indicate they’ve ordered a Lester doll simply because they were feeling nostalgic. Looking at their new Lester ventriloquist doll and playing with it reminds them of the good old Rowan and Martin show, igniting incredible memories.

    If you’re looking for a quality ventriloquist dummy, look no further – our range is perfect for you. And if you’re not sure what to pick, simply go with the Lester ventriloquist doll. You won’t be disappointed.

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