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jeff dunham peanut doll

Jeff Dunham Peanut Doll for Sale – Animatronic Plush Talking Puppet

    A variety of ventriloquist dummies can be found out there in the market. Peanut ventriloquist dummy holds a prominent place out of them. The unique characteristics that can be found in this doll have contributed a lot towards its popularity.

    Peanut Doll was designed by Jeffrey “Jeff” Dunham, who is a popular ventriloquist, stand-up comedian and a producer in United States. He has also appeared in numerous television shows. As per Jeff Dunham, the Peanut Doll is a more digestible and a dressed down version of Don Rickles. This character is equipped with multiple personality disorder as well. The Jeff Dunham Peanut Doll has also been designed with reviving ventriloquism.

    The Peanut dummy is a cute, purple skinned, annoying and hyperactive woozle. White fur covers most of the body of this puppet. You can also find a tuft of green colored hair on top of his head. He has only got one sneaker, which is on his left foot.

    Peanut ventriloquist doll is a humorous character. In fact, the humorous nature of him is based on a specific stereotype of motif. As a result, this doll has been considered as the bad kid among other ventriloquist characters of Jeff Dunham. This doll loves to make fun out of Dunham whenever he gets a chance. He also prefers to mock and torment Jose Jalapeno, who is on a stick.

    jeff dunham peanut doll

    As you can see, the Peanut doll has got a humorous appearance. Therefore, many people ask how the hell Dunham came up with such a doll. Some people even say that Dunham was on drugs when he gave life to the Peanut ventriloquist doll. Reviews available on the internet bear testimonials to prove the above mentioned fact.

    The Peanut puppet is allergic to dust, sugar, beestings, fruit, meat, tissues, excessive oxygen, cat nip, textbooks, plastic furniture, fire liquids, fish, dairy and nuts. As you can see, this strange character is allergic to almost everything. That’s why this doll is also known as a Batnut. As per Walter, this ventriloquist doll is made out of asbestos.

    Peanut Doll Pros

    • This doll has a hinged mouth, which synchronizes with the voice.
    • It has a weird, but interesting appearance.
    • This doll comes along with an excellent list of programmed words.
    • It is an amazing gift to be given for a little one.
    • This doll is marked at a reasonable price tag.
    • The battery life is impressive and you can use it for a long time period without changing the batteries.

    Peanut Doll Cons

    • The voice of the doll is not loud and some people can barely hear it.
    • It doesn’t come along with a durable design.

    Peanut ventriloquist doll can be considered as a little baby of the amazing puppet collection of Jeff Dunham. It seems like Jeff has paid special attention towards the features of this puppet in order to make it unique and impressive as much as possible. Therefore, you can think of purchasing it without a doubt on mind.

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