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walter puppet

Walter Puppet for SALE – Official Jeff Dunham Fun talking plush doll

    About the Walter puppet creator

    Finding luck in Vegas, Jeffrey “Jeff” Dunham makes a fortune – $19 million a year! Due to his enormous income, he even made it to the Forbes 2015 list, and he is the only lucky ventriloquist there. Perhaps, this is because Dunham has many various tricks up his sleeve, as he’s also a great producer and a superb stand-up comedian, who made spectacular appearances on famous shows such as Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, The Tonight Show and Sonny With a Chance.

    A lot of Dunham’s characters, from a skeleton terrorist  to a surreal jalapeno pepper on a stick wearing a tiny sombrero, are all oozing the signature style of this ventriloquist comedian, which is described as “a dressed-down, more digestible version of Don Rickles with multiple personality disorder”. Among all these characters, the Walter puppet definitely stands out.

    Walter doll character analysis

    Walter is usually extremely sarcastic, and his attitude towards the modern reality is very bitter. The Walter doll went through the Vietnam War, making the character a veteran. Walter dummy is also a former welder, “not giving a damn” about anyone, including his own wife and a few lucky audience members.

    We even know a little bit about the character’s family history: apparently, the Walter doll has been married for quite a few decades to one woman. However, Walter doesn’t seem to be overly pleased with his marriage. When asked by Dunham to recall when the happiest period of his life was, Walter promptly replied: “Forty SEVEN years ago!”

    Remarkably, like most of his puppets, Dunham has created the original Walter puppet himself. He made the initial sculpture and the silicone mould for the very first version – later, or course, he had to hire professionals when more copies were needed.

    Please, don’t confuse the Walter doll with Walter the muppet, as it will make him extremely grumpy! If it’s possible to be any grumpier, of course, as Walter dummy is basically a very angry retired old man. To emphasize his character, Walter doll always has his arms crossed in discontent.

    A little bit of history: apparently, Dunham was inspired to create his Walter puppet when he watched Bette Davis‘ final appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The honest, unpolished attitude prompted Jeff to create a similar character of his own, and this is pretty much how the Walter doll was born.

    You can purchase the Walter doll directly from Dunham’s website. However, many high quality replicas are available today. Don’t stress – if you want the Walter Puppet, you are definitely in the right place to find it!

    The Walter puppet is appropriate for almost any audience, although younger viewers will possibly not be able to fully understand the jokes. Middle-aged viewers and up usually respond to Walter’s speeches the best, as they can somewhat relate; younger people can sometimes see bits and pieces of their older relatives’ attitude within Walter.

    Walter puppet is an excellent choice – so leave your doubts aside and order now for your dose of portable grumpy fun.

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