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little jeff ventriloquist dummy - doll

Little Jeff Ventriloquist Dummy For Sale

    Little Jeff Ventriloquist Dummy Review

    As you’ve probably guessed, the Little Jeff ventriloquist dummy is basically a miniature east-coast version of Jeffrey Dunham. Little Jeff ventriloquist dummy first appeared in Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos, where another Dunham’s character, Peanut, used it to attempt practising ventriloquism. Remarkably, Peanut named the Little Jeff dummy “Little Ugly Ass-Jeff”, called it “extremely ugly” more than once and insulted the Little Jeff doll in all possible ways. In one of the subsequent episodes, when Peanut was pretending to be a superhero, he proceeded even further by naming the Little Jeff dummy his rival!

    About the Little Jeff Doll Creator

    Born in April 1962, Jeffrey “Jeff” Dunham is a famous American ventriloquist and a proud “father” of the Little Jeff doll. Mr. Dunham’s talents are not limited by ventriloquism, though – he is also a successful producer and a great stand-up comedian, who made spectacular appearances on shows such as Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, The Tonight Show and Sonny With a Chance. Perhaps, this is why the Little Jeff dummy has this special charm when Dunham performs with it?

    Little Jeff puppet than made another appearance in Unhinged in Hollywood – Where he was finally puppeteered by Jeff himself. This time, the Little Jeff doll also featured a different voice comparing to past performances. At this point of time, Dunham began advertising his beloved Little Jeff ventriloquist dummy along with a DVD and a book on how to do ventriloquism from Jeff.

    Created and designed by Jeff Dunham himself, the Little Jeff ventriloquist dummy looks same-same-but-different compared to more vintage ventriloquist puppets. There is something very modern, almost cartoon-like to his face… And yet, the dummy features pretty much everything you’d expect from a ventriloquist puppet, including triggers on a control stick to move the mouth and the eyes.

    The original Little Jeff ventriloquist dummy also comes in a cute sturdy case, which is carefully crafted to be using as a carrying case for the puppet itself and maybe a couple of other ventriloquist props. It looks just like a real trunk – and even closes and opens like one! To keep your Little Jeff doll in place, the case features Styrofoam inserts, and it also has a nicely placed handle on the outside.

    If you want to go even further, consider studying a ventriloquism book that often comes with this dummy, original or not. The booklet features easy tips and tricks of trade to help you become the best ventriloquist master in shortest time possible. Even better, the booklet contains a couple of simple routines, which you can replicate with your new Little Jeff ventriloquist dummy.

    The Little Jeff dummy is best suited for mature audiences, enjoying punchy performances with somewhat dark humour. You can use the character as a leading one, or let it be beaten and ridiculed by other puppets like it happened multiple times with Peanut… The decision is yours!

    The Little Jeff ventriloquism dummy will definitely make a great addition to your collection or an excellent first purchase if you’re just starting your ventriloquism journey. Take the plunge and order now!

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